Shortcomings. I have them.

Martin and I are headed to Chicago on Sunday. We have a Monday morning appointment to see his excellent Track Two doctor. This afternoon the doctor’s nurse called and said that they are missing blood results, some testing we were supposed to have done. I remembered that I never had the testing done. The prescription form was attached to paperwork that I turned over to Adrian to seek insurance reimbursement. By the time I went looking for it, the prescription had disappeared. And then the whole thing slipped my mind. I suppose I thought maybe the doctor would … forget that she prescribed this blood work for Martin? Of course, she didn’t.

The Big Imposing Hospital sent me a notice recently, too, inquiring about the blood testing the geneticist wanted. I don’t feel so guilty about that one; the geneticist said there was little chance that we would learn anything from blood work. Still, I should have had it done. I could have had LabCorp draw the blood at the same time as the blood for the Track Two doctor. My bad.

And then there’s the lipase. It’s been in Martin’s supplementation/medication schedule since our last visit to his Track Two doctor ten weeks ago. I was supposed to start giving it to him two weeks after that visit. (We “ramp up” to new supplements.) I waited the entire two weeks before I went looking for a compounding pharmacy that could fill the prescription. I had no idea how to find a compounding pharmacy, and by the time I finally woke up and asked Kathleen Reily for the name of one, the lipase prescription too was gone. Poof! Someday perhaps I’ll find it behind a heat register or under a cabinet in my home office.

So much gets done. I’ve promised not to beat myself up for what doesn’t.

One thought on “Shortcomings

  1. Update: The blood tests I failed to get for Martin’s Track Two doctor were measures of mitochondrial processing, which relates to muscle strength and development. At our visit this week, the doctor said that Martin’s muscle tone is so clearly improved that the tests won’t be necessary. Hurray for procrastination and omission!

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