Microwaving Goodbye

NPR, via Facebook, recently ran a question along the lines of, “I must have missed that day,” or something similar. The idea was for people to write in with some terribly obvious facts/ideas that they did not realize until adulthood. Thousands of people posted.

I’m going to add this obvious fact to my “I must have missed that day” pile: Apparently I should not be using the microwave around Martin, and certainly not for his food.¬†Despite all I’ve learned, I managed to miss that, and I’ve been microwaving left and right, even microwaving the water to “cook” Martin’s homotoxicology drops.

My bad, again!

I still have a lot of environmental changes to make in our apartment, mostly having to do with electromagnetic fields. The cordless phones are already gone, and the flat-screen television and entertainment center are unplugged unless in use. But there are still the wireless router, the wireless printer, the 24/7 Blackberries, and, of course, the microwave.

I’m overwhelmed again. As usual.

5 thoughts on “Microwaving Goodbye

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  2. I am always overwhelmed. It is crazy how we can miss such seemingly obvious stuff. I remember on one of the first night’s my son was home from the hospital I was cleaning his belly button with rubbing alcohol per the doc’s instructions and realized I was pouring it onto the cotton ball right over my son’s face and eyes. Thankfully it all went on the cotton ball/did not drip…but still I stopped myself and was like, “What the f*ck are you doing?? Forget cleaning out the belly button. Why don’t you start with not seriously injuring your newborn.”

    • Okay, this makes me feel a little better. I think I can add something worse still: A couple of times I’ve seen that “reality” show about the polygamist family. The husband and a couple of the wives and some of the eight million kids are always talking about how one wife refuses to have a microwave in her kitchen. And I’d be thinking, “How strange! I wonder why. Crazy polygamist.” Now, here I sit, in my microwave-free kitchen. I’m such a bonehead.

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