Serving Up Recovery: An ASD Menu

Recently I posted the details of Martin’s diet. This, accordingly, is an appropriate time to answer the question, “So what exactly does he eat in a given day?” I will do so by use of an exemplar—say, yesterday. Here is what Martin ate yesterday:

Breakfast—Two duck eggs, cooked with minced fresh dill in macademia oil; squash “French fries” misted with olive oil and sprinkled with dried seaweed granules.

Lunch—Edward & Sons plain unsalted rice crackers; avocado mashed with fresh lemon thyme.

Snacks—One nut-butter (grain-free) muffin; four basic cookies; four coconut haystack treats.

Dinner—Indian-spiced sweet-potato-and-yellow-split-pea cakes with fresh cilantro; sauerkraut minced with broccoli sprouts.

Yesterday was unusual insofar as lunch was improvised, instead of leftover entree from the evening before. That was because a grocery-shopping mishap on Friday (i.e., I failed to go grocery shopping until after Martin was in bed) resulted in an improvised dinner of zucchini, acorn squash, and broccoli sauteed with a scoop of cashew butter for protein. The amount I cooked was small, limited by what was lingering in the fridge pre-grocery shopping, and Martin ate it all. None left for lunch the next day.

Yesterday was also unusual in the sugary (well, honey-y) nature of Martin’s snacks. Generally speaking, I would consider four cookies, four haystacks, and a muffin too much sweetener/honey for one day. But Martin had a birthday party to attend. He can’t eat pizza and ice cream with the other kids, so I packed enough for him to live it up on the terms we have.

In my daily log book for Martin, I keep a record of everything he ate, alongside his HANDLE exercises, a supplements/oils checklist, how he slept the night before, and notes on his demeanor, diapers, and symptom level for the day. Too much? Possibly, but I do find the information handy from day-to-day.

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