Reinforcements Arrive

Last night, for dinner, Martin ate ginger-spiced beef with squash and broccoli sprouts, wrapped in steamed Napa cabbage and topped with coconut-cilantro sauce.

This morning, for breakfast, he enjoyed beef-vegetable-and-duck-egg hash.

Have I miraculously learned to cook meat-based delicacies?

No. The limits of my skill remain roasting a duck.

Instead, Martin’s personal chef has arrived.

If I have to have a son with autism, Providence has intervened to give me as much help as possible. Martin’s ASD was discovered early because an old friend is an early-intervention practitioner who was willing to travel to New York City and observe him. When our family decided to undertake a biomedical recovery process, all the pieces fell into place to allow a full, comprehensive approach. My mother is retired and loves to bake Martin’s special crackers, muffins, and cookies.

Now that we’ve decided to feed Martin meat products, and I’ve admitted that I know nothing about preparing and cooking meats, another old friend has stepped in—a chef! My high-school friend Coleen is a chef at a private club that closes for several months during the winter. After reading my sad attempts to conjure meat dishes, Coleen contacted me and volunteered spend some of that off-time with us, cooking for Martin and teaching me to do the same. She arrived on Wednesday, for two weeks, and has taken over my kitchen already. She’s in there now, putting together Martin’s dinner. Even Adrian came home to a fresh, gourmet meal yesterday. The boys don’t know what’s hit them.

I’ve admitted that I am a Type-A personality. In many respects, Martin’s ASD (and especially the recovery process) has led me to buckle down and seize control of everything—food, environment, sleep, travel, clothing, medical care, vaccinations.

On the other hand, I’ve also taken actions that come less naturally to me. I’ve started listening to more non-mainstream sources. I’ve done limited on-line networking. Most prominently, I’ve stopped trying to travel this road alone, and I’ve accepted help. I’m happy to have it.

I’m going to wander into the kitchen and see what’s cooking.

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