The Posting Dearth, Explained

It’s been a week, again. More than a week, without a post. I frustration posted last Tuesday, and then abandoned my readers. My own private cliffhanger.

Let me assure you that Martin is fine. We’ve started his new supplementation protocol, we’ve had ups and downs, and I’m back to—my, um, usual sunny self.

The blog dry spell occurred because I’ve been occupied with getting my business affairs in order.

I’m not dying. Not as far as I know.

Instead, I’ve quit my job.

Quit my job!

For nearly thirteen years, I’ve worked as an attorney for the same large law firm, and it’s a job I’ve always felt privileged to hold. I have talented co-workers who bring out my best efforts. I’ve been compensated well. Lawyer comprises a substantial part of my self-identification.

It seems like I should say the decision to quit was difficult.

It was not.

My quitting strikes a blow to the family finances, but not a death knell. I am very, very fortunate to be able to make the choice, and grateful for Adrian’s career to facilitate my lack of one. We determined, together, that Martin’s recovery requires (at least for a while) a parent dedicated full-time to the task. In the past months there have been too many ASD articles unread, too many tests uncompleted, too many exercises undone. I’ve been exhausted and unable to keep up. That must change.

It’s not that I am going to be unemployed. I’ve just stopped moonlighting as an attorney in order to concentrate on my day job, healing Martin—which is another job I will always feel privileged to hold.

This will, of course, leave more time for blogging about healing Martin. Please expect more regular posts. Perhaps daily posts. Perhaps too many posts. If I go a little crazy with it, let me know.

And so the next chapter opens.

4 thoughts on “The Posting Dearth, Explained

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