Update on Update on Questions

Remember last week’s update on questions? Specifically, my update on the fact that Martin doesn’t yet ask questions?

Time for an update on the update on questions. Martin has added to his repertoire three new requests for information.

The first two are rote questions. When we’re on the subway and stop at any station he doesn’t recognize, he says, “What street is this?” Our conversations shuffle along with the train:

Martin: “What street is this?”

Me: “Spring Street.”

Martin: “It’s Spring Street!”

Me: “Sure is.”

Martin, as the train leaves the station: “Bye-bye, Spring Street.”

Me: “That’s it for Spring Street.”

Martin: “What street is this?”

Me: “It’s Canal Street.”

Martin: “It’s Canal Street!”

Me: “Looks that way to me.”

You get the idea.

Also, Martin is routinely asking, “Where is _____?” This morning at breakfast he inquired, “Where is the flute?” Which would have been really great, if I’d had any idea where the &*$@ the toy flute was. As it was, I had only disappointment to offer.

The third type of request is meant to be a question, but Martin doesn’t have the form correct yet. When he wants to know the initial letter of a word, we have an exchange along these lines:

Martin: “Bowl starts with a . . . .” (His voice trails off. He doesn’t get the inflection correct for a question, neither the Spanish inflection nor the English.)

Me: “Oh! Do you mean to ask me, ‘What letter does bowl start with?’?”

Martin: “What letter starts with bowl?”

Me: “‘What letter does bowl start with?’ Bowl starts with a b.”

Martin: “Bowl starts with a b!”

In summary, we have experienced progress since my update on questions. Maybe all I need to do for progress is to post an update? In that case, more updates coming. Soon.

4 thoughts on “Update on Update on Questions

    • Names. He asks questions now about names, a lot. But he still doesn’t get the form right! The closest he came was when we saw I cageful of cats for adoption. Martin said, “You are knowing to tell me that cat’s name?” The intonation was “question-like.” The words, however—well, you get the gist. Otherwise we’re still getting a lot of, “That dog’s name is … ?” and “That baby’s name is …?” We’ll get there.

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