Yellow Fingers

As I see food, fresh is best for Martin. In most cases—cruciferous vegetables being perhaps the exception—raw foods beat cooked foods. I’ll take just-picked greens and just-killed meats, when available, over frozen. Fresh herbs are more beneficial than dried herbs.

So I was excited when my local natural foods store started carrying fresh organic turmeric root. It looks like ginger root, only more yellow-orange inside and less stringy. I bought a hunk yesterday and brought it home to use in Martin’s green pudding in place of turmeric powder.

The green pudding turned out better than ever, slightly sharper tasting, and I was proud of myself for incorporating a new ingredient.

A few hours later I discovered the downside of handling fresh turmeric. Friday night is date night. I was seated with Adrian in a wine bar, out of my mom clothes, feeling elegant in a smartly fitted dress.

Adrian watched me bring the long-stemmed glass to my lips.

“Yessss?” I drawled, seductively (I thought).

“Ummm—why are your fingers yellow?”

I checked. Despite several sound scrubbings, my fingertips and nails still bore the turmeric stain, a shade that is lovely in fresh root but rather jaundiced on flesh.

“Hey,” I said, “did I tell you how great Martin’s pudding turned out today?”

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