Vacation Winner

In my postscript to “Recovery to Go,” dated August 19, I wrote that Martin and I were taking two vacations in a row: first visiting Austria and Germany with Adrian, and then renting a cabin in the Adirondacks with my sister and niece. Having confessed that much of our European vacation comprised dragging an unenthusiastic Martin from site to site, I promised to ask Martin which vacation he liked better and post the results here.

This morning I remembered to have that conversation with Martin. We were in the car, on the way to the dentist.

“Martin,” I said, “do you remember that in August we took two vacations?”


“The first vacation we went to Austria and Germany, and the second vacation we rented a cabin with Aunt Kristie and Cousin Mandy?”


“Which vacation did you like better?”


“Both? You liked both vacations the same?”


“Are you sure? Maybe you liked both vacations, but one of them you liked a little bit more? Did you prefer one?”

“I liked the cabin on the lake with Poppa John, Abuela, Aunt Kristie, and Cousin Mandy.”

“You did? Why did you like that vacation?”

“But-because it was my favorite!”

So there you have it. To the extent Martin had a preference, it was the Adirondack cabin.

Hardly clear-cut, though. Hardly.

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