And on to Career Prospects

My last post discussed talents that Martin might slip away as Martin continues to recover. Let’s add literalism to the list.

“Mommy, how is the time going?” he asks me from the back seat.

“‘How is the time going?’ What does that mean? It’s almost 4:30. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“No, Mommy. I want to know how the time is going.”

I start thinking backwards. Where could Martin be going with this question? We’re running errands together, bound for the pet-supply store and then the grocery. Before that, I picked him up at school, and he asked if we could go to the coffee shop to eat fruit salad. I told him, “We’ll see how the time goes”!

“Martin, I think what you want to ask is whether we’ll have enough time to stop at the coffee shop. I believe we will.”

At dinner, he asks, “If the sign says ‘no walking,’ can a wheelchair still go?”

I begin a lengthy explanation about pedestrian safety applying to all persons, however they move about.

Adrian jumps in and says, “Martin, I do believe you’ll make a fine lawyer one day.”

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