Martin Out of Paradise

Fact: In Costa Rica, Martin slept beautifully. He requested sleepy-eyed early bedtimes, dozed promptly, rose only after 10 or 11 hours. To my knowledge, he woke during the night just once, when a thunderstorm lingered.

Fact: Since we’ve been home (one week), Martin has slept poorly. He lies awake for an hour or more, tosses or talks during the night, wakes too early. Some nights he’s had as little as eight hours’ rest, and poor quality. He’s been exercising plenty: swimming, bouncing at a birthday party, bike riding, chasing his cousin. He’s eaten better than he did in Costa Rica. He’s in familiar surroundings. He can’t sleep.

Fact: In Costa Rica, Martin’s attitude improved. He seemed carefree, less focused on fixations like his iPad and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He ate new foods. He walked home alone from a local bar/café.

Fact: Since we’ve been home, Martin’s attitude stinks. He’s been whiny, contradictory, and engaging in opposite-talking. (“I’m never going to use my iPad again! Throw it away!”) He’s grouchy. This morning he refused to try peanut butter on apple. He loves peanut butter. He likes apples. Apparently the idea of combining the two proved too much. An hour later he wandered away from his own bus stop.

Fact: I don’t know what to do with this information.

7 thoughts on “Martin Out of Paradise

  1. Thanks for sharing. It is hard to not read too much into it, but it is fascinating. It’s funny, by Ethan said verbatim what Martin says about throwing the ipad away. Sometimes I wish we could move somewhere with no internet, cell towers, etc. But where would that be? I realize Costa Rica is not without cell towers, but maybe there are fewer? Nature does amazing things for our kids.

    • There definitely are fewer cell towers and EMF’s, at least where we were staying! Isn’t that crazy about the opposite-talking? Martin at least can recognize now when he’s doing it; I hope that is a step toward quitting the behavior.

  2. Is it possible that the supplements, enzymes and micros which ran out in C.R. were reintroduced at one time and overwhelmed his system?

    • Good thought. It’s possible that reintroduction may have had some effect—but following that trail, I couldn’t necessarily figure out what made him sleep so well in Costa Rica in the first instance. Seems like there must be multiple factors at work?

  3. Hi Maria, have you tried turning off the WIFI in the house when Martin goes to bed and turn off the electrical circuit breaker to his room? Also, in California we have the right to request smart meter to be un-installed..We also don’t have anything digital in Cooper’s room. Let Cowden has a couple of great books out that’s worth reading.

    Fei, Cooper’s mom

    • We had Martin’s room done with EMF-blocking paint, which is grounded. We don’t have a smart meter. And fortunately, unlike when we lived in the city, only one network other than our own is detectable from our home. We also don’t have anything digital in Martin’s room. Recently we had light-blocking shades installed, which generally have helped. 🙂

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