ASD Recovery Recipe: Duck Nuggets

I said that I would not be posting any meat-based recipes. I hereby renege. Two nights ago I made my first meat recipe other than broth. Martin ate the food, without complaint. It hasn’t made him sick, yet. I consider this a giant success. So without further ado, here is my new recipe for recovery-beneficial duck nuggets. (If your child does not have chicken sensitivities, I have to imagine this works just as well for chicken.)

duck meat (I used the breast)
one duck egg
enough sunflour to coat
additional seasonings

Trim most of the fat from the duck and slice it into bite-sized pieces. Understanding duck to be somewhat tougher than chicken, I made the pieces small enough for Martin to pop into his mouth whole, instead of having to bite off chunks. Beat the egg. Brush each duck piece with beaten egg. Place in a bowl with enough sunflour to coat, plus spices of your choice. (I went with a dash of white pepper, plus some cumin for flair.) Stir well, until each piece is coated. Fry in oil of choice. (Sesame provides nice flavor; just make sure it complements your spices.)

I used duck egg when I made this, but because I was making such a small portion (Martin being the only human in our home who eats meat) I ended up with some beaten egg left over. Next time I may try beating a couple little quail eggs instead, to exercise more control over the amount of egg.

In the event you don’t have sunflour, and your child is okay with limited gluten-free grains, I think that crushed rice crackers or organic rice cereal might work well in place of the sunflourEdward & Sons brown rice snaps (unsalted plain) would be a good choice. Erewhon makes a gluten-free rice cereal, but if you are limiting carbs and sweeteners, note that the Erewhon product contains brown rice syrup.

What to do with the trimmed-off duck fat? The next night I fried turnip and squash in the fat and served those veggies with rice. I’m determined not to waste any animal parts.

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