Kitchen News: An Update on the Hunt for a Food Processor with Glass Bowl

I amaze myself. I’m anxious to replace my food processor, which has a plastic (and, by now, cracking) bowl, because I think high velocity, blades, and heat are a recipe for chemicals from plastic to get into Martin’s food. What my anxiousness means in practice is that I’ve just managed to kill an entire morning searching for a food processor with a glass or stainless-steel bowl, with marginal success.

Between being on hold and actually conversing with a representative, I spent half an hour on the phone with Robot Coupe. That company sells numerous commercial models with stainless steel bowls (though the feed shoots, pushers, and blade components may contain plastic). The only models possibly appropriate for home use, according to the representative, are the R100, which has a plastic bowl, and possibly the R2N Ultra, which has a metal bowl (some other parts plastic), weighs 36 pounds, and sells for more than $2,300.

Another option is an Electolux, the Dito Dean MUGXU, with 3.2-quart stainless-steel bowl, a commercial model nonetheless small enough for countertop use. But at 35 pounds (how can I store that?) and more than $1,000, well . . . .

I’m hatching a new plan.

I use the food processor primarily for puréeing and for getting rid of chunks in soup. My first thought was to get a glass container for my Vitamix, which resembles an extra-powerful blender capable of puréeing. Unfortunately, a call to Vitamix got me the bad news that, although the company has glass containers in the R&D department right now, none are expected to be available for at least a year. In the past, Vitamix manufactured stainless-steel containers, but those would not be compatable with my more recent model.

So for the time being I’m going to invest in a new stainless-steel immersion blender. I already have a KitchenAid blender with a glass jar, though it does have some plastic around the blade that comes in contact with food. I hope to use those two appliances to work around the food processor as much as possible.

For tomorrow evening I have broccoli-and-greens purée on Martin’s menu. Time to blend in batches and hope for the best.

18 thoughts on “Kitchen News: An Update on the Hunt for a Food Processor with Glass Bowl

  1. I was over in Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue and visited a kitchenwares store called A Cook’s Companion. I’ve been there before; last time the sales staff helped me find tiny glass casserole dishes to bake single-serve portions for Martin, because I did not want to use enameled ceramic. I explained my quest for a non-plastic food processor. A very helpful woman (possibly the owner?) said she did not know of any food processor like that, but suggested that I consider adding a stainless-steel food mill to the immersion mixer and countertop blender. Seems like a great idea, especially since I already own a food mill that doesn’t see daylight nearly often enough.

  2. I have been looking for a food processor with a glass or stainless steal bowl with no luck…what I did find for baby food that has been wonderful is the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder… It has a stainless steal container that pops off and can easily be washed. The lid is plastic but very little food touches it. It has been wonderful for grinding (or pulverizing if you are not careful) table food for baby. It isn’t super high quality but I’ve been using mine for 2.5 years with no problems. For 25 bucks I really can’t complain. Oh and it is great for herbs or making course peanut butter too.

    • Unfortunately, I have not. On the other hand, I have indded been able to almost completely eliminate the need for the food processor by purchasing the immersion blender. I bought a Cuisinart “SmartStick” model, which you should be able to see on this page: The housing and the (sharp!) blade are stainless steel, so the only non-steel part touching the food is a plastic disk in the housing for the blade shaft. Since the disk is small and doesn’t rotate, I feel much more comfortable with it than with the food processor.

  3. I’m too is in the search of food processor with glass bowl. So far in the US I was able to find two of them:

    Anybody tried these ones?
    I am thinking about buying the first one. You can see the first one in action here (in German):

  4. Posting it again since my first reply did not go through.
    I’m too is in the search of food processor with glass bowl. So far in the US I was able to find two of them:

    Anybody tried these ones?
    I am thinking about buying the first one. You can see the first one in action here (in German):

  5. Hi there
    Sorry to bother you
    Do you know of any kind of food blender that has a ceramic blade and no metal? I’m allergic to metals, as are lots of folk. I’m in groups and we’re all determined to find one. So he you have any info that would be most appreciated.
    Thanks for your time.
    Hope you’re having a blessed day.. and that you’re holding hope in these more uncertain times.
    God bless

    Email sent with gratitude, always here, end of email, God bless ———

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  7. If you really want to find your kid, here’s the formula: homeopath Joette Calabrese + GAPS diet + eventually nourishing traditions diet. Before you consult with Joette, write down a timeline of your child’s health history, especially what antibiotics/vaccines/Rx drugs/ OTC’s were given and when and when any symptoms, autistic or otherwise, occurred. Blessings

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