Traveling is no good for Martin’s recovery. I have to admit that. In the seven days we’ve been traveling, I’ve not once managed to complete all 16 daily HANDLE exercises, and RDI has fallen by the wayside. I’m out of fiber powder and two of his supplements. I brought only one magnesium variety and realize now he should be taking two.

We have limited access to freshly prepared organic foods that meet Martin’s dietary requirements. We’re in Argentina now; Martin is lunching on barbequed grass-fed beef, which is superficially acceptable, but the chef cannot verify whether the cows were hormone-free, or the origin of the animal’s feed, such as whether it was grown with pesticides. These are inquiries to which, in New York, I could chase down answers.

And then Martin is overwhelmed. We’ve broken his routine, thrust him from one unfamiliar situation to the next, presented new face after new face and directed him to say hello.

We’re weathering the attendant minor freak-outs okay, but I’m not going to look for any progress from this week. We may even regress, a bit.

I’ve been contemplating what that means. I want to accomplish Martin’s recovery as quickly as possible, in a trajectory as straight as possible. Gallivanting around Latin America is hindering those aims.

On the other hand, my primary goal is and must remain Martin’s ultimate recovery, however long that takes and however jagged the process. What we do in these years—whether we’re talking 12 months, or 120—will affect the entire future course of Martin’s life. Recovery. Now, or later.

I’ve posted on the value of undertaking Martin-free activities. I believe that travel falls into this category. It is not reasonable to expect Adrian to pass X years without bringing his son back home to show him off. It is not reasonable for Martin to wait until he’s closer to neurotypical before he can play with his cousins. It’s not reasonable for our family to confine itself to the tri-state area when we want to head out and play.

So we’re managing diet and supplements and exercises as best we can, minimizing stress where feasible, and more or less writing off the week, recovery-wise.

Except for this: Enjoyment. Stamina. For me and Adrian, a little recovery of our own.

That also assists in the greater good.

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