¡Hola! I’m Doing Well

As I mentioned, we’re vacationing in Adrian’s country of origin. Martin performed at the top of his game our first day here: fully attentive, interacting with his cousins, chatting with adults. Since then, I think, the change in routine, air thick with pollen (to which Martin appears sensitive), and general chaos of travel have taken their toll, and he’s faded a bit. So I was particularly pleased with this interaction at a museum today. I’ve highlighted the best parts in italics:

Adrian, who has been carrying Martin on his shoulders, plops him onto a bench, next to another boy, perhaps four years old.

The boy greets the three of us: “¡Hola!”

“Hola,” Adrian responds. “¿Cómo estás tú?”

“Bien,” says the boy.

“Martín,” Adrian prompts, “¿le puedes decir ‘hola’ al niño?”

Martin looks at the boy and says, “¡Hola!”

“¿Qué es eso?” the boy asks, motioning toward a toy in Martin’s hand.

Martin comprehends the question immediately and responds correctly, “Un avión.”

“¡Mira!” the boy says, turning toward a video screen showing footage of a military exercise. “Son soldados.”

Martin makes no verbal response but likewise directs his attention to the video screen. They watch together for a few seconds, and then the boy wanders back to his parents.

Adrian and I are left beaming.

Score: one more near-typical interaction.

3 thoughts on “¡Hola! I’m Doing Well

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