The Bigger Perspective

Martin’s school is a self-contained special-education setting for children with speech and language disorders, including autism. The teachers possess patience and experience in equal measure, the administration is supportive, and I feel fortunate that has been placed there since kindergarten.

Yesterday, when I arrived to pick Martin up for personal training, I ran into the mother of Brian, another boy in Martin’s class. I’ll call the mother Chrissy. This is the third year Brian and Martin have been in the same class, so I know Chrissy well enough. Chrissy was picking up Brian, and as usual, she had her younger son, Aaron, with her. Aaron attends a special-needs preschool in the City, and I know that the family has been looking for a kindergarten spot for him, so I asked how the process is going.

“Good,” Chrissy replied. “I think we are actually going to be able to get a spot for him here.”

“Here? That’s terrific,” I said. “Both boys in the same school—they’ll be able to see each other, act like brothers. You must be happy!”

“Yeah. I’m happy.”

Chrissy didn’t sound happy.

“Not a great thing?” I asked, tentatively.

“I mean—both my kids are going to be here.”

Ah, yes. Of course. Both her kids will be in the superior self-contained special-education setting for children with speech and language disorders, including autism.

Because both her kids have autism.

Because we are losing a generation of boys, and a lot of girls, no one is doing anything about the crisis.

2 thoughts on “The Bigger Perspective

  1. Hi, I would love to connect with you when you and Martin come out to see Dr. Chandra next time. We are located in Santa Cruz, CA. I have a boy who just turned 8 last week. Cooper also has chronic Lyme Disease being treated by Dr. Chandra. We have been seeing amazing progress since Dr. Chandra started treating him back in Oct, 2014. Next week, Cooper will be co-treated by Dr. Chandra and Dr. Cowden which I am so very excited. Cooper also loves to rock climb and we are so very fortunate to have a local rock climbing gym where one of his baby sitter takes him to climb 1-2 times per week. My son also excels acamdemically, very gifted in math. We are fortunately enough to have 1:1 private tutoring for him for the academic piece and he goes to a local Christian Private school for PE, Recess, and lunch. The school has started slowly integrating him back into the mainstream classroom (fortunately, he has been attending this school with an aide since he was 3 years old). I feel that we have a lot in common and perhaps we will meet some day. Cheers Fei (btw, Cooper also drinks bone soup daily :), fortunately, we have several local health stores sell grass fed bone soup..

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