Opposite Direction

We had that one golden week, immediately after I switched Martin to low-salicylate diet.

The next week wasn’t so good.

This week isn’t so good.

You know what I mean by “not so good”: lots of silliness, little concentration, some meltdowns.

We are still doing low-sal.

I can’t identify any environmental changes since golden week.

What is different is that we are, again, increasing the anti-microbials in Martin’s protocol, trying to reach what his doctor considers full dose.

Martin’s system is sensitive and reactive. I begin to doubt whether we will ever make it to full dose.

I’m going to try an experiment, this week: I’m going to reference Martin’s protocol sheets (I print them at home and keep them all, of course) from our ski week and from the golden week. Whatever dose of each antimicrobial Martin had those weeks, he shall have this week.

I’m writing this at Martin’s taekwondo class. I’m watching him focus on nothing. I’m looking at a kid with half the attention span he had two weeks ago.

And so for a little while, I don’t care whether we are working to reach full dose of antimicrobials.

I just want another golden week.

9 thoughts on “Opposite Direction

  1. Keep it up Maria! Cooper has also been ramped to full dosage of the anti-microbial, parasite, and heavy metal treatments for the past 2 weeks. He has been showing similar symptoms as Martin. I think it’s a part of the die off reactions. We also have packed Burbur, Parsley, Mapalo, Pinella for his school mid day support. In addition, he also has his magnesium and PS100 support at lunch time in school.

  2. Love your blog, it resonates with me. I’ve been there, I am there. We had tremendous improvements where our ATEC went from a 72 and with very hard work over 4 years down to a 20, and then down further to a 5 (basically from Autism down to ADHD). Then we shot back up to a 15 after re introducing a parasite protocol (there was a lot of throat clearing and increased irritability around the full moon, super moon in fact). The step back is so hard, harder then when you were at that level to begin with because your whole paradigm has shifted. We are back on track now, and its largely due to the fruits of a 4.30am frantic internet search. With guidance from our new holistic doctor, she has us focusing on drainage using two methods. Her second recommendation – the ionic foot bath, hit the bullseye. I was at my wits end and exhausted, so I bought the unit, honestly if I had had a good nights sleep I would have probably rationally dismissed it. The premise is first it is relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system which allows the child to come out of fight and flight mode. Only then can drainage and detox to happen. The negative ion charge water draws/drains toxins out like a magnet. Our kids can be blocked so the die off/toxins from supplements have nowhere to go but get recirculated. So the step back was painful, but it pointed me in this direction. Fingers crossed… it seems every time I verbalise a gain, the next day it evaporates, But this time it seems different – the gains at home are actually better than the gains at school for the first time. Might be worth a look if you are on another 4.30 am search… a good starting point is the facebook page Ionic footbath for ASD by AMD. Our experience fits right in with the positive discussions on that group, there are numerous FULL recoveries from ADHD which was the reason I gave it a go. Also a piece on there by Dr Klinghardt, where he considers it more effective than chelation, based on a comparative study of urine samples for 3 days after the footbath vs chelation. His view is that aluminium is shielding the lyme.

    • Love this comment, and thanks for posting it! In fact, we have an ionic foot bath. I purchased it last year (in another frantic period) and then never used it. Honestly, it’s been sitting under a sink in Martin’s bathroom, waiting for its big moment. You just convinced me to give it a try. Stay tuned: Next week (we are away this weekend) is going to be ionic foot bath week.

      • Great to hear. BTW we are using the AMD footbath, that is the one that seems to be getting the consistent results. A recent study (albeit small) showed a 55% reduction in ATEC score and an even greater reduction in the older kids (as toxicity is higher). That study actually made me more sceptical as it seemed too good to be true. However, since starting the bath we are falling in line with that study… Overall he’s more calm, rational and Lots of ‘firsts’ happening in the past few weeks. Feel free to pm if you have any questions.

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