Exit Door. Not Always Available

This is a photo of Martin’s right foot, taken this morning:


See that red spot, on the top of his foot toward his ankle? Martin has had this mark, which I assume originated as an insect bite or other irritation, for months.

If you can, revisit the post I wrote in July 2015 titled, “Want to Know What Terrifies Biomed Parents?” That post includes two photos of Martin’s left foot, the first showing an apparent bull’s-eye rash and the second showing the faded rash.

Yesterday it occurred to me that the spot on Martin’s foot now might be a reemergence of the bull’s eye. I returned to the July 2015 post, only to find that I was mistaken: The bull’s eye appeared on his left foot, and the mark he has now is mirror image on his right foot.

But I would not have been surprised to find the two spots in the same place. Martin carries so much on his skin, or just below. His legs last week looked like this:


They were already significantly improved from the week before, when he left blood spots on his pajamas and in his bed. (Based on a comment received from the Recovering Kids Regarding Caroline site, I tried CBD balm on his skin, and it seems to be working! His skin looks better every day, which is important with shorts season upon us.)

Martin’s arms today look like this:


They too are significantly improved from last week, when the school nurse called me to say Martin was scratching his arms so much that she was hesitating to return him to class.

Much of what needs to leave Martin—toxins, parasites, even viruses—exits through his skin.

And yet, much also stays behind.

The back of Martin’s left hand has a bruise, right in the middle. He’s had this bruise

since the day he was born, when he was placed in the NICU and unnecessarily administered an antibiotic drip. That mark is where they stuck the IV line that I believe contributed significantly to Martin’s gut dysbiosis (and hence his autism), and he’s carried it ten years down, despite laser therapy and massage to fade the bruise.

If one day we are done with autism and ADD and ADHD and anxiety and social-pragmatic language delay, that bruise will probably still remain, to remind us what happened to our child.

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