So Here’s Something Else New We’re Doing

We have started Heilkunst, a form of sequential homeopathy. We’re working with Rudi Verspoor of Ottawa’s Hahnemann Center.

Four years ago, when we started the process of recovering Martin from autism (as opposed to helping him live with autism, through traditional therapies), Adrian and I resolved not to go too far “out there.” The first MAPS doctor we brought Martin to is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale School of Medicine, and completed her residency at Massachusetts General. These credentials were important to us, because we didn’t want to be dealing with, as I put it, “a graduate of the Pacific School of Holistic Touchy-Feely Medicine.” (Let me also add that Martin’s first MAPS doctor is empathetic, intuitive, and utterly knowledgeable, and that we switched doctors only because that one moved to California.)

We’ve been through a lot in the years since Adrian and I resolved not to go too far “out there.” We’ve used two homotoxicologists, one in New York City who did not work out well—part of the problem could have been me not understanding homotoxicology at the time, and her not explaining the process in a way I could grasp—and for the last two years Lauren Lee Stone in Connecticut, with more success. Martin has participated in craniosacral massage, muscle testing, naturopathic assessment of food allergies. He’s drinking camel milk daily. He’s slept on a grounding sheet, inside an RF-blocking tent.

I suppose I’ve strayed pretty far “out there” with Martin, and Adrian hasn’t stopped us. When your son stops running in circles, and starts talking, and stops thrashing around in his bed, and starts realizing when you’re in the room with him, then you pretty much go where the journey takes you, and go gratefully. I still care, a lot, about credentials and science, but you could say my horizons have expanded.

On an “out there” scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ABA and MiraLAX® for autism, and 10 being having Reiki vibes telepathically sent from Mongolia, I would put Heilkunst at about an 7.73. In their book Autism: The Journey Back, Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith describe Heilkunst as a “comprehensive, integrated system of Western medicine based on the principles of natural law regarding the removal of disease (cure) and the restoration of balance in our functioning (healing).” As I understand the process, Martin will progress through a series of homeopathic “clears,” one every two or three weeks, to alleviate the insults to his immune system, from pre-natal development through today. The insults to Martin’s immune system have been many, from his traumatic birth to vaccinations to living in a home under renovation. I had to list all this out in order to begin Heilkunst. It was not a fun process.

Now, let me add this: Scoring Heilkunst an 7.73 on the “out there” scale does not mean I don’t have faith in the process. To the contrary, Heilkunst is energetic healing, and I am administering it to Martin, and I think my faith therefore is necessary to its success, and I would not have proceeded if I didn’t expect results. I’ve talked to many families whose children have progressed with sequential homeopathy. I’ve witnessed their progress. Plus, sequential homeopathy makes sense to me. I know many of the factors that affected Martin’s immune functioning; I’m eager to help him work back through what happened.

I’m also glad we did not start Heilkunst sooner. We needed first to get the biggest stuff under control: his digestion, his ability to rest, his communication skills to participate in the process.

And we had some mental blocks to remove. Mine.


19 thoughts on “So Here’s Something Else New We’re Doing

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  2. Looking forward to following your journey. Our 8 year old has a diagnosed primary immuno-deficiency and Heilkunst homeopathy is the most important thing that we have done to help his healing. And we have tried many, many, many things.

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  6. Hi I just came across your blog and felt such a connection. Our journeys are similar, I am an ex- invetment banker and I spend my full time recovering my now 8 yr old son, we started at age 5 — we are nearly there. We have done cranial, biomedical, chelation, sound and light therapy, retained reflex therapy, homeopathy, neurodevelpmental therapy, the Learning Breakthrough Program and ohh of course, OT and speech.

    More recently in the last 3 months rife therapy, biomagnetism and GcMaf. These last three therapies have been our bullet, but only because of all the work prior. I feel tthat once you get to that almost there place all the therapies become so much more responsive, its exponential. It has been a long hard 4 years and I am a different person because of it, mostly a better person, but also somewhat bitter. I’m starting to feel more comfortable about his future, that he could go to college one day if he so chooses, but I know I have at least two more years of full time work on this.

    I had given up on classical sequential homeopathy 2 years ago as the reactions were too violent and it didnt seem right to me. We did Asyra homeopathy, which through biofeedback determines and produces the specific dose. I feel prior to that there is not enough range in the homeopathic doses that aggravations happened to easily with my son. The Asyra definately helped move him up a level, but then it tappered off.

    But now that he is stronger homeopathy is worth revisiting. Thank you for reminding and inspiring me to revisit it.

    I LOL when you said you wouldn’t g too far out there. My husband was against all this VooDoo at first. Frankly the energy therapies (cranial, rife, biomagnetism, asyra) have been our biggest hitters. Now my husband has more frequent cranial sessions than my son, asks to do a rife session whenever he feels a cold coming on and drinks his green juice religiously…

    Keep at it, my cranial says if we may end up even ahead of where he would have been, as he will be so detoxed and other kids his age are stil carrying this load — they are just handling is better right now.

    • I love this! I am always inspired by parents making progress. Can you tell me more about rife therapy? I’m not familiar with that. Thanks also for the reminder to circle back. I have been meaning to circle back to craniosacral therapy.

      • Hi! Yes of course!

        Rife or ‘Electro Medicine’ helps to kill pathogens in the body. It is starting to becoming more well known – it was originally a suppressed cancer therapy, whereby ultrasound frequencies where used to target a cancer virus (google Royal Rife who invented the device). The same technology can be used to eliminate many pathogens/virus/baceria that are latent in ASD kids which their weak immune system ‘cannot see’. Its also used for lyme pathogens.

        It requires the investment in a Rife machine, and we use an experienced therapist to provide the appropriate frequency programs. It can produce a detox reaction as pathogens are killed. For that reason, in hindsight, I would have started with Biomagnetism therapy first (also a pathogen therapy). Its effects are milder as it stimulates the immune system to remove the pathogens in its own time. Rife kills the pathogens directly so its more likely to produce a herxheimer/detox reaction (ASD kids are so sensitive). Our reactions have been very manageable due to working directly with a therapist, and once we introduced biomagnetism, the herxheimer where lower. Doing biomagnetism first or in combination with Rife, makes for a smoother ride.

        If you would like more details please feel free to contact me directly via email. I have included a more technical description on rife / electro medicine below.


        “Rife frequency therapy, is the use of sound frequency to kill germs. Most every germ or pathogen has its own resonant frequency at which it will vibrate and shake until its structure is disrupted, much like the old adage about the opera singer shattering a wine glass with her voice. A Rife machine will pass a frequency through you to shatter a pathogen. Most bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, etc. have very weak outer cell walls and when the right “frequency” is aimed at them, they will dissolve and fall apart. The intensity of rife ultrasound is thousands of times LESS than the standard ultrasound they use to view babys during pregnancy, so its very safe. Rife is non-toxic (little or no side effects other than the standard kill-off effect, i.e. Herxheimer, caused by any modality that destroys pathogens and necessitates the body having to clean up and detoxify. Rife is currently being used by doctors in Germany and all over the world. However, Rife is unknown or very misunderstood by most MDs and even Chiropractors. This may be due to the prejudice against electro-medicine that has been fostered and taught since the early 1930’s with the advent of the FDA as an enforcer of drug-based, allopathic medicine.”

    • I just came across your post. I would like to use rife and biomagnetism for my elderly father with Lyme. Could you please tell me the place that has therapists for rife and biomagnetism? I live near NYC. Thanks for your help.
      My email is

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