This Ain’t Nicaragua

Last summer in Nicaragua, Martin flew. He soared. He matured. He grew. If I could have found a way to stay in Nicaragua without being separated from Adrian (whose job in New York sustains our travels and biomed), I would have done so.

Now cut off, for safety’s sake, from Nicaragua, I brought Martin to Costa Rica and assumed he would soar again.

But not so much.

He’s spending too much time in tiny-dictator mode: objecting to every idea, listening carefully for plans to complain about, agitating me because he can’t release his own emotions. He’s trying to prescribe who’s allowed to speak Spanish, or English, and when. And crazy opposite-talking, constantly. Yesterday, upon discovering that he was having coconut-banana tostada for breakfast instead of smoked salmon, he launched into a tirade directing me never to give him smoked salmon again.

For sure, it took several weeks for Martin to hit his stride last summer in Nicaragua. Nevertheless, by the end of July—I just ran through my contemporaneous posts—I was noticing improvement. Today is August 1, and Martin does not seem improved since we arrived here a month ago.

I don’t know why not. He’s constantly in saltwater, as he was last summer. He attends day camp. Although his diet isn’t great (corn, juices, way too much rice at camp, just like in Nicaragua), I stuff him with fresh local fruits and vegetables when possible. We’re doing herx water and dry brushing. (And what we are dealing with right now looks more like anxiety than the silliness I associate with detox.) We continue his Lyme- and parasite-fighting protocol, and the only pills I’ve run out of so far are HistDAO, i.e., enzymes for breaking down dietary histamines. (Had more sent to a friend, who will bring it next week when she arrives for a visit.)

Possibly some environmental factor is agitating him, like hidden mold in our rental house, or airborne allergens. The climate, flora, fauna here in Guanacaste resemble southwestern Nicaragua (fewer butterflies, though), but of course nothing is exact. We might have happened, last summer, upon a magic combination of factors, from jungle to supportive community, that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Of course, I can’t discount the simpler explanation that Martin’s current protocol is burdening his system, or that he’s just in a different place in his recovery process than a year ago. He’s always in a different place, right? This morning on Facebook, a friend with a severely affected child referred to “playing pin the tail on this donkey of a medical mystery.” That’s apt.

We keep plugging on.

Tomorrow Martin is signed up for his first-ever surf lesson.

Because why not?


Martin versus the world. Or at least the ocean.

3 thoughts on “This Ain’t Nicaragua

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  2. I love your blog, I have been following it for 2 years or so. Your dedication really inspired me through the tough times, its like you are telling our story; tiny dictator – check, breakfast tirades on what is served – check, random meltdowns check. We are almost at the finish line now. Biomagnetism was the game changer for us. It sounds like you live near NY, you are so fortunate as one of the best practioner world wide is based there, with lots of ASD experience. We fly in every 6 weeks from the UK to see him. I think where biomagnetism made the difference is that it targets specific pathogens common ASD – measles, strep, Epstein Barr etc. etc. and many more. Placing low level magnets on the particular areas helps to balance the PH and make the environment unfavourable for the pathogens. This is also used to strengthen the detox organs allowing heal and strengthen so they can fight the pathogen load on their own. Finally we also use the ionic footbath (only the one by AMD, as others can do more harm than good), and in the last 4 weeks we have combined the magnets on the detox points while doing the footbath — and there it was — our silver bullet. We have had more healing in the last 4 weeks than we’ve seen in the last 9-12 months. Food intolerances pretty much gone, constant throat cough/tick pretty much gone, school work much easier, breakfast still preferences but no melt down like the world is ending because I made brattwurst rather than knockwurst, friends, football, executive functioning. Still aways to go but finally I feel like we are catching up rather than just trying to keep our head above water.

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